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Revive Your Radiators: Powerflushing breathes new life into your heating system!


Are you experiencing cold spots on your radiators? Are your energy bills higher than usual and your heating system making strange noises? It might be time for a central heating power flush. Our professional power flushing service can help restore the efficiency and performance of your central heating system, saving you money on your energy bills and ensuring your home is warm and comfortable.

**What is Central Heating Power Flushing?**


Over time, central heating systems can accumulate sludge, rust, and other debris, which can block your pipes and radiators, leading to reduced heat output and potentially damaging your boiler. A power flush involves pumping water and cleaning chemicals at high velocity to remove these deposits and restore your system to a like-new condition.

1. Improved Heating Efficiency: Power flushing clears out sludge, rust, and debris, maximising the efficiency of your central heating system. This can lead to quicker heating, reduced energy consumption, and lower utility bills.


2. Enhanced Heat Distribution: By removing blockages and obstructions, power flushing allows for more even heat distribution throughout your home. Say goodbye to cold spots and uneven temperatures.


3. Extended Equipment Lifespan: Regular power flushing can help protect your boiler, pump, and other components from damage caused by buildup, potentially extending the lifespan of your central heating system.


4. Quieter Operation: Power flushing can eliminate noisy operation caused by air pockets, debris, or sludge in your heating system, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful home environment.


5. Improved Warmth and Comfort: With a clean and efficient central heating system, you can enjoy a consistently warm and comfortable home, especially during the colder months.


6. Reduced Risk of Breakdowns: By removing debris and restoring optimal functionality, power flushing can help reduce the likelihood of system breakdowns and the need for costly repairs.


7. Eco-Friendly Solution: A more efficient central heating system means reduced energy consumption, leading to a lower carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly home.

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"Chris did an excellent job on the boiler and installing a new gas hob. As ever, he was prompt, professional and explained clearly what was needed. He is totally trustworthy and I would not think of using anyone else."
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