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Jack Morgan

Master Craftsmen, Plumber, my best friend and Hero.

Chris Morgan

Plumber, Heating Engineer & Exterior Maintenance Expert.

Domestic Maintenance Solutions Limited is a family-run business with over 35 years experience. The Director and senior engineer is Chris Morgan.

Chris was his Granddad's apprentice, starting on Saturdays in the workshop from a very young age. " It was my Granddad's passion for quality and craftsmanship that first amazed me". This passion and high standards has been the driving force of DMS and every project BIG or SMALL ever since.

We are all extremely proud of the quality of workmanship we provide and always strive to improve through innovation of equipment and products.

Chris is always on hand, on the tools as much as in the office. "I am always here to speak to customers. Call anytime to see how we can assist". Chris
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